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Advanced Technology Solutions for Automotive & Semi Conductor Industries
An ever-increasing range of leading-edge technologies emerging into the manufacturing Jordan Reed Jersey , more so in the automotive & semi-conductor sectors, make them two of the most exciting and dynamic manufacturing sectors in the world.
Automotive & Semi-conductor industries are facing an extremely challenging business environment today with increase in product heterogeneousness, higher dependence on outsourcing, and a growing need to collaborate with an unending list of business partners. Moreover, with the automotive electronics market exploding and semiconductor consumption booming worldwide, the tremendous opportunity for semiconductor companies brings with it the increasing pressure to keep pace with the shortening development cycles and the need for newer and more innovative products. However not all the products that hit the market are successful since the consumer today is extremely particular about price and performance, leaving semiconductor companies to grapple with the triple challenges of increasing complexity, shorter timelines and increasing risk. In fact the need to excel by improving quality, creating product differentiation while meeting safety and other regulations has kept both the industries on their toes.
This kind of situation has given impetus to Advanced Technology Solutions, solutions that enable the automotive as well as semi-conductor industries to attain performance advancements and improved efficiency. Partnering with an organization offering industry specific advanced technology solutions in the focused areas of Automotive Electronics, Engineering Design, Product Engineering, Auto Infotainment & Telematics, Instrument clusters, Industrial automation, Powertrain, Chip design, Embedded software, Analog mixed signal design, Electronic design, Physical design, Semiconductor design outsourcing, ASICSoC development, Vlsi design, FPGA design solutions, and support services such as Verification & Validation, Offshore testing and Automotive embedded software, is a viable option that can leverage the technology expertise in automotive electronics & semi-conductor solutions. It further helps in accelerating product development cycles and push the envelope of innovation.
Utilizing these Advanced Technology Solutions, the automotive & semi-conductor industries can collaborate with a vast array of business partners and suppliers working in tandem to design and manufacture vehicles and focus on providing innovative silicon chip design and embedded software support.

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With skilled system architects, ASIC design engineering specialists, and a dedicated Digital verification group, KPIT Cummins has executed multi million gate design verifications and also has expertise in conventional as well as HVL based verifications. KPIT Cummin锟絪 authority on IP led advanced technology solutions and services for Automotive Electronics & the ability to build innovation into semiconductors to give products exciting features, is exhibited by its in-depth industry experience combined with a strong technology understanding

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