Players like Schuerrle, Goetze and Oezil all praise Loew for his help in hard times. ""Feeling a coach's trust is something ev

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By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, March 27 (Xinhua) -- German soccer's success could be ascribed to the wealth of talent, the academy system at the clubs, and the country's decade long tradition in football. However, one man's work should not be underestimated, namely that of head coach Joachim Loew, who interprets his job differently in comparison to many other coaches.

The 57-year old is now the most successful German coach ever - his 145th game win ended in a 4-1 win in the 2018 World Cup qualifier in Azerbaijan last Sunday evening. Not only is Loew's record impressive as he has won 97 games, drawn 25 and only lost 23 but the way he sees his job.

Initially an assistant to Jurgen Klinsmann, when the former striker took over as head coach in 2006, it quickly became obvious that team spirit was vital and his style was to be one of a caring father and comforter.

Many national coaches address themselves more to satisfying the intense pressure within their countries and meeting the different demands and interests of players, clubs, media and maybe even more important their fans.

Loew quickly decided to ignore the influences from outside as much as possible and to stick to his way of creating a team of his trust. Winning the 2014 World Cup made him even more determined to stick to continue his methods.

In Azerbaijan, players like Joshua Kimmich, Thomas Mueller (both Bayern Munich) and Andre Schuerrle (Borussia Dortmund) were examples of Loew's way as all three have been having problems in their clubs and only rarely in the starting eleven. To date, Kimmich has played six games for Bayern Munich for the full 90 minutes and Schuerrle only five for Dortmund.

In Baku, Mueller (1) and Schuerrle (2) scored and Kimmich continued the good performances from the 2016 European Championships.

Over the years, the German national team has become something akin to a health spa as Loew seems to be able to cure all the ailments of the country's ""problem"" players. They then often pay back their ""doctor's"" special treatment with a performance that they are unable to find at their clubs - like Mueller, Schuerrle and Kimmich in Azerbaijan.

Bastian Schweinsteiger (now Chicago Fire) was having his troubles at Bayern Munich but was still Loew's key figure in the 2014 World Cup final against Argentina. Lukas Podolski (Galatasaray Istanbul) was named the team's mascot after he had failed to gain a breakthrough at Arsenal, Inter Milan or Bayern Munich. Loew still counted on Podolski' ability to stabilize the team's spirit and create a good mood even in difficult times.

Recently, Loew explained his point of view as he said he knows ""exactly what certain players are capable of. When I'm convinced, I'm determined to guide them through hard times when they seem to have problems at their clubs and aren't playing much."" Before departure in Azerbaijan Loew told Schuerrle and others that ""it is important to show them in an emotional way that they are welcome here.""

Players like Podolski, Mario Gomez (VfL Wolfsburg), Mario Goetze (Borussia Dortmund) and Mesut Oezil (Arsenal) often talk about the positive effect that their national coach has on them. Gomez disappeared from the fans' radar when he joined AC Florence and Besiktas Istanbul but was never forgotten by Loew.

Goetze faced a dip in fortunes after the 2014 World Cup and three years unsatisfying years at Bayern Munich. Before re-joining Dortmund, he talked it over with Loew who encouraged him to admit he had made a mistake in moving to Munich and in the future concentrate on his comeback. Despite Goetze's problems, Loew was a reliable friend and supporter.

Draxler also went through a tough time at Wolfsburg but always kept Loew updated when he started negotiations with Paris St. Germain where he has since returned to top form - at his new club and the German national team.

Players like Schuerrle, Goetze and Oezil all praise Loew for his help in hard times. ""Feeling a coach's trust is something every footballer needs and want to pay back. It makes me happy to be part of the team. It's my duty to deliver satisfying performances at my club, but as everyone can imagine being a part of the national team is something that gives you a lot of self-confidence,"" Schuerrle said after his two goals against Azerbaijan.

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