If someone asks you: "Want to learn?

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If someone asks you: "Want to learn? Why?" Maybe, you will say, "I don't want to, because it's boring." Maybe it will also say: "Think, because for your own future!" If you ask me, I will definitely be firm. Answer: "I want to learn, because it serves the ich in China, the elderly Great Wall, the raging Yangtze River and the Yellow River, the world's largest mountain, Mount Everest... However, the richness of the world is not enough for the shame of the invaders of the predecessors!Nanjing Massacre, the Opium War... How many compatriots were killed by the aggressors alive. Live burying, air rifle, anatomy, and so on... so many cruel methods come from the hands of the invaders.destruction of Yuanmingyuan has made us unforgettable for a lifetime. It took years of hard work to complete the success of our predecessors! But this was wiped out by their vicious invaders! I hate because at that time we were underdeveloped in China that the aggressors used the poisonous methods to insult us Chinese Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. In order to let them be bullied again, the timid Qing government fulfilled their ambitions, and it was cutting the land and giving money. . "Why should we meet the aggressors, we have not done anything wrong, why do we have to cut the land to give money, even tional Day is coming on October 1st! This is the birthday of my motherland! The five-star red flag flutters high in the sky, just like a soaring dragon! We are calling on us to work hard and learn to serve the motherland! Life is a wandering journey, and whoever meets is a beautiful accident. Accidents are commonplace, and they are all coming and going, and there are not a few who can really go with them. The long road of life is to go by yourself, too much expectation and dependence, in exchange for very tired, you will find that you are not the real reason for your life. In fact, life is your own. You shouldn��t just live to whom. You laugh, others are watching the joy drama. You cry, there is no reason for others to care whether your tears are left or right. Everyone is jealous, one person is difficult to meet thousands of people, you always have reasons to be picky. Silly looking back, sigh, why bother to be yourself?ary to know clearly that what you really can understand is not the voice of others but your own soul. A person walks in the dark night, without fear, can't see the outside world, and begins to see himself. Occasionally, I can't clearly understand who I am, but time and calm can always be confused. The road to life is prolonging, learn to heal yourself, and learn to love yourself. In the face of pain, people who know you will naturally help you share, or stand quietly beside you without asking the reason. People who don't understand you, apart from feeling that you are not normal, will not do anything else. When someone says that you have changed, it is because you are no longer living the way they are used to. It is better to learn to love yourself than to take the pity of others.you can shed tears, but in the sun, you must smile. You won't know who will fall in love with your smile, and I don't know who will be relieved because of your frown. Do not hurt those who love you, do not attach to what is called right and wrong Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping. Perfection is not beautiful, we are hypocritical, don't let your good, become a cool music box. It can cover all the songs, and has the joys and sorrows that can't be sung every day. The melody that keeps flowing is the label of the ups and downs of life. Learn to let go of things and people that you let go, like you can't succeed. Remember what to remember, such as the gentleness that others give inadvertently. One day, you will find that life can live a sunny day because you don't care. When life is flat, a person walks on the road, when the wind rises, blowing down the poems of the treesople are not items, and they do not need to be displayed in front of others when and where they are Cheap Newports, for others to see at a glance. Leave a little space to belong to yourself. When you are happy or sad Newport 100S Cigarettes, place your soul in this pure space of your own, let time and wisdom continue to bloom or comfort your heart. The only person who can heat his heart is ultimately only himself.nes in the film have undoubtedly become the most eager hope in the heart Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale. I will always be involuntarily expecting such a person to save myself. As everyone knows, we are not princesses, waiting for the prince. We are not Sun Wukong, we can't wait for Don Juan. We are not gods. There are always times when we are lost or even low tide, but we can live like sunflowers and wait for to matter how long the night is, no matter how thick the clouds are, they always believe that there is a light that will penetrate the sky. They always believe that the sun will fill the ground and welcome their best years~~~ The journey of dreams!

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