When the fisherman saw the

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When the fisherman saw the two children lying on the bed and fell asleep safely, his restless heart calmed down, and the frowning brows slowly spread out. The corner of his mouth floated with a smile: "Hello. The children are fine!" The fishermanna Marlboro Red 100S Carton..." said, the smile on the fisherman's face disappeared and became serious. "Sanna... tomorrow... tomorrow we will... find a time... bury Simon... buried... At least... let her have a place to live..." Sanna also looked heavy and said a little, "Well. But... husband... the family... the burden..." "Nothing, we will smash the past." Believe me, I must raise the children, you don't have to worry."the early morning, the sun rises from the horizon, and the sea is calm, it seems that nothing happened last night.na pulled out the dark curtains, and a ray of light came in from the window. The fisherman took a piece of dark bread and went out to fish. Sanna is doing some needlework at home for others.y after the fisherman left, Simon��s two children woke up and cried to find a mother. Sanna couldn��t bear to tell the truth and had to tell them that her mother had gone out to work and came back very late.e two children of Simon have been taken home, the fishermen have returned early and late. When the storm came, I couldn��t beat the fish. The fisherman went out to look for work, and even the breakfast was reluctant to eat. In this way, Simon's children grew up and went to elementary, the teacher asked the students to write an article about their mother, and they, who had never seen their mother, were at a loss Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping, so they rushed home to find Sanna.Sanna, where is our mother going? You said that she went out to work Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, how have she never seen her back?" Looking at the children's innocent eyes Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, full of expectations, Sanna could not say that her mother had passed away. The news, she hugged the children, said softly: "Children, your mother went to a very distant, beautiful place to pray for you. You can not see the mother, but my mother has been with you. Remember, the brightest star in the sky is your mother. Whenever and wherever she is by your side, do you know? If you can, Aunt Sanna can be your mother, okay?" Sanna caressed affectionately. Children's faces. "Well, Mom! You are our mother in the future." The children gently snuggled on Sanna, and Sanna smiled with tears.ew years later, the children werehildren heard the news and rushed home, but they still couldn��t wait to see Sanna��s last look Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping.Sanna lying in bed calmly, still wearing the familiar clothes, and the mouth still showed a faint smile. The fisherman leaned against the corner and shed tears, and the children burst into tears with Sanna.ldren sobbed and asked the fisherman: "What happened to my mother... How could it suddenly..." The fisherman took a deep breath and said: "Sanna was infected with the disease on her way out, but she never knew it. Na fainted at home and sent to the hospital to know that she was ill, but she would let me tell you, she said, she did not want you to be sad, I want to leave you the last best impression..."g at the suicide note on the table: Children, I want to bless you in heaven with your mother! The children walked to the window and looked at the most dazzling star in the sky, quietly crying.na, you are the shining star in the sky!

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