With Blake Bortles piling up passing numbers like never

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before in his career www.cowboysauthorizedshops.com , Jacksonville coach Doug Marrone wants to get the Jaguars back to running.Dak Prescott, Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys have the opposite issue heading into a Sunday matchup with familiar faces on both sidelines.Bortles has a chance to be just the fifth NFL quarterback with at least 375 yards passing in three straight games after establishing a career high in consecutive weeks. He also had a career-high four interceptions last week, which helped explain a 30-14 loss to undefeated Kansas City.There was something else that bothered Marrone against the Chiefs: a season-low 17 rushing attempts to go with Bortles' personal high of 61 throws. The only other game this season with fewer than 20 carries? The other loss for Jacksonville (3-2), against Tennessee."That's not the way we want to play," Marrone said. "I probably should have done a better job of that. I just felt like we were pressing and trying to make plays. I just think overall I have to do a better job of managing that."Of course, the Jaguars have some pretty good reasons to tilt toward the pass. Running back Leonard Fournette will be out for the fourth time in six games with a hamstring injury. Jacksonville is on its third left tackle in Josh Walker.The Jaguars signed two-time All-Pro running back Jamaal Charles this week and expect him to contribute behind T.J. Yeldon against the Cowboys (2-3)."I think we were pretty fortunate last year as far as staying healthy," Bortles said. "This year we haven't been quite as lucky. These next three weeks, not looking ahead or anything, but to get to the bye week are important with the amount of guys we have down."The Cowboys aren't looking for 375 yards passing from Prescott because they have the NFL rushing leader in Ezekiel Elliott. But inefficiency throwing is the biggest reason Dallas has a losing record and questions inside and outside the locker room about play-calling.The bright side for Dallas: another home game. The Cowboys are trying to win the first three at home for the first time at 9-year-old AT&T Stadium. The worst of the offensive issues have been on the road."You just keep banging away," Garrett said. "There's a lot of good things we're doing offensively. We have to continue to build on those. There's plenty of things we've got to shore up and we'll try to address those things as directly as we can."Things to know about the first meeting between these teams since the Cowboys made their first regular-season trip to London four years ago:FAMILIAR FACESDallas receiver Allen Hurns, who questioned the play call on one of Prescott's interceptions but said he wasn't second-guessing offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, spent his first four years in Jacksonville before signing with the Cowboys in free agency this past offseason.Safety Barry Church, in his second year with the Jaguars, was a cornerstone for the Dallas defense the last four of his seven seasons with the Cowboys. Both will be facing their former team for the first time."It's just like playing against your brother," said Hurns, who had his first touchdown with the Cowboys in last week's overtime loss to Houston but has just eight catches. "You don't want to lose. I don't want to say this game is bigger than any other game, but for sure one I want to win."SPEAKING OF FAMILIARCharles was a standout at Texas and won a national championship with the Longhorns as a freshman during the 2005 season. The former Chiefs star whose career has been marred by knee injuries lives near Houston.The 31-year-old had been unsigned after spending last season as a backup in Denver. His return will be his first visit to the home of the Cowboys Dallas Cowboys Womens T-Shirt , a week after he was in Dallas watching the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry."I'm ready to get the dust off these cleats," he said.DEFENSE FIRSTThe Jaguars rode their defense to the AFC championship game last season. The Cowboys are relying on that unit more than usual with the difficulties in the passing game and an offensive line unsettled because of the absence of four-time Pro Bowl center Travis Frederick, who is battling a nerve condition.Both teams are in the top five in scoring defense and bottom seven in scoring offense."It's going to be a battle among the defenses," Dallas defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford said. "That's the way I'm looking at it."Cowboys Playoff Tracker: Winter is coming for the 1-2 Cowboys Week 3 in the NFL is an interesting week, because it is the first week after which the first teams are basically eliminated from playoff contention. Only three times since 1990 (‘92 Chargers, ‘95 Lions, ‘98 Bills) has a team made the playoffs after starting 0-3. Since realignment in 2002, not one of the 78 teams that started the season 0-3 made the playoffs, which means the 0-3 teams (Raiders, Texans, Cardinals) can start doing mock drafts.Week 3 is also interesting for teams like the Cowboys that started the season 1-1, because the third game often points such teams in one or the other direction. Had the Cowboys won against the Seahawks and improved to 2-1, their historic playoff odds would have jumped to 53%. Instead, they dropped to 24%. That difference of 29% is the biggest possible swing of playoff odds anywhere in the 16-game regular season, and the Cowboys’ inability to capitalize on that will likely set the tone for the rest of the season.The table below shows what the playoff odds have looked like over the last 16 seasons by W/L after the third game of the season. So the Cowboys have about a 1-in-4 chance of making the playoffs after three weeks. That still sounds like they have a fighting chance, and maybe they do, but the more important question is this: Are the 1-2 Cowboys good enough to overcome those odds?To understand where the Cowboys currently stand and what their chances look like going forward Dallas Cowboys Hats , we turn once more to the trusted Pythagorean Formula. We’ve used the formula often before to measure overall team strength, on the hypothesis that a team’s true strength could be measured more accurately by looking at points scored and points allowed, rather than by looking at wins and losses. This is the NFL version of the formula:The 1-2 Cowboys have scored 41 points and allowed 53. Plugging that into the formula results in a 5.6-win projection for the Cowboys, which should good for a Top 6 pick in the 2018 NFL draft.And in case you were harboring any hopes of a quick turnaround, know that the 41 points scored over three games makes the Cowboys offense the second-worst unit in the NFL. They are not going to be able to simply flip a switch and start scoring 30 points a game from Week 4 on.There is of course some hope that the Cowboys might be able to beat the 1-2 Lions next week, but unless they beat Detroit by two or more TDs, the Cowboys win projection won’t rise much beyond eight wins, and that’s factoring in a Cowboys win. And after four weeks of play, there is quite a strong correlation between the early win projection and the subsequent regular season win totals. Of course, with every additional week of data, the formula gets better, but after about Week 4 the improvements are gradual, and not as steep as in the first few weeks. For the Cowboys, outside of 2015 when Romo’s injury sunk the season, the projection has been fairly accurate during Garrett’s tenure as a head coach, averaging a mean average error of just 1.2 games versus the actual regular season win totals. What the data here tells us is the Cowboys are basically an 8-8 team with the occasional swing in either direction.Under Garrett’s tenure, the team has been oscillating around eight wins for the last eight years Dallas Cowboys Womens Hoodie , and barring a huge showing against the Lions next week, the data here is robust enough to suggest that the ceiling for the 2018 team is yet another 8-8 season.To borrow from Bill Parcells, you are what your record says you are. And that record says the the 2018 Cowboys are an average to below average team. Sure, they have a 24% chance of making the playoffs. But look at the 10 other teams with a 1-2 record; the historic playoff odds suggest up to three of them could make it to the playoffs - and do you really think these 2018 Cowboys will beat out the likes of the Patriots, Seahawks, Chargers, or Falcons for a playoff spot?Winter is coming.If we use the Pythagorean formula for the remaining 31 teams, we get a good idea of the emerging 2018 playoff picture. With that in mind, here’s how the projected wins stack up after Week 3 for all 32 NFL teams:Pythagorean Projected Wins by NFL team, Week 3, 2018 If all teams continue playing the way they did over the first three weeks of the season, the Cowboys would end up with the sixth-worst record in the league. Of course, a lot of things can change between now and then, but for now, the Cowboys are on a trajectory for one of the top picks in the draft.

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