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If you’re here reading this right now Leighton Vander Esch Jersey , you are probably trying to figure out whether or not you can be successful if you join the Trump Network. Well you have come to the right place, because now you can finally get the REAL answers to your tough questions.

The first thing we questioned was the industry, health and wellness is oftenthought to be the greatest market around when it comes to network marketing. While it does have a very healthy projected growth rate, as well as showing very admirable past success, we wanted to know how Trump’s products stood up against the competition in this very competitive market. We examined three other companies that, at least according to the numbers, are the biggest competition to the Trump Network. We will leave these three companies nameless to avoid any legal issues of any kind, but the results can be examined on our website. Of the four companies examined, only one company was more expensive on a per month basis for their flagship product. Bear in mind that the products of all the companies are very different, so this is not an apples-to-apples comparison, the main redeeming quality about Trump’s product is that they are customized to the individual, in a way that only one other company has tried so far. In order to see how customized these products really are, myself and a colleague both went through the testing process. When we received the vitamins that had been custom tailored to us we checked the nutrition facts to see if they differed, which they did. Interestingly enough, the supplements came with a booklet, that was custom printed and explained the test results. The booklet also explained the affect the specified factors had on the body, and what kind of supplements they included in order to take care of those needs. We found the customization to be adequate to be more than just a gimmick. In many ways, Trump’s vitamins resemble many of his other business ventures, more expensive then the competition, but also higher end.

For the second part of our test we took a look at overall image of the company, to see how difficult it might be to enter into the market. In our experience, if the first page or even the second page of their Google results has anything negative, then it will probably make it more difficult to represent. At the time of this writing it looks like they have done a pretty good job handling any bad press, since the only seemingly negative headlines were sales reviews. We also looked at the BBB, Trump Network itself is not registered with the Better Business Bureau, but Ideal Health is, (Ideal Health is the company that Trump bought and renamed back in 2009) and they have a very good A+ rating. There was a report that said that 4 complaints have been filed against the Trump Network since November 2009, but they had all been settled in a satisfactory manner.

Lastly, in our quest to bring you an honest Trump Network Review, we looked at the leadership of the company, not just Trump himself, but the other leadership, including some of the more prominent distributors. Joining Trump, and helping to set up the global expansion that is planned for late next year, is Bill fields, the former CEO of Wal-Mart. Also on the leadership team are the three guys that created Ideal Health, who came up with a revolutionary product, but they also weren’t able to grow their business until Trump came along. As far as the head distributors go, there are quite a few very successful people who are in charge of training new distributors.

In the end, the Trump Network doesn’t appear to have any major flaws, at least according to the numbers, but whether or not you can make money if you join, is based on how much effort you put into it. It doesn’t matter who the owner of the company is, if you can’t sell the product then you will never make money. If you are serious about joining a network marketing company, then you have to focus on branding yourself because, frankly, nobody buys anything from someone any more unless they can trust the person. The best way to gain that trust is by branding yourself as a trustworthy person. To get the full report visit the us on-line.

Kyle Leavitt has owned his own business for over 5 years and operated a network marketing business for over 2 years. He and his team have helped many people become 6 and 7 figure income earners. Visit us on-line for more info about this Trump Network Review

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