Should Edison ever witness the distance his original electrical device has taken us, even he mig

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LANZHOU, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- A wild panda mother and her cub were photographed by an infrared camera in northwest China's Gansu Province, a local nature reserve said Thursday.

"In the photo the panda mother and the cub were looking at each other, which was very sweet," said He Liwen, office director of Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve.

More than 260 infrared cameras in the reserve have taken many photos over the past two years, but the family photo was a first, he said.

"The camera had more than 3,000 photos in its memory card. I sorted through 600 photos before I came across it. It was taken at 2 a.m. on October 25," he said.

The photo shows that the giant panda population is growing steadily in the reserve, said Yuan Fengxiao, head of the reserve administration.

Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve has world's largest number of wild pandas -- 110 out of 132 wild pandas in the province live within the reserve area.

"The cub was about two months old. We plan to install more infrared cameras in the area in hope of keeping tracks of the cub's growth in the years to come," He said.

In was on October 22 Wholesale NCAA Hats , 1879 that Thomas Edison conducted the first successful test of his new electric light bulb. He was not the first inventor to think of running electricity through a fiber held within a vacuum to create light, however, Edison’s experiment was the first to exhibit the traits of long life, effectiveness and the ability to be reproduced at a price that would make it easily reached by the average American family.

Once Edison had his light bulb working at top efficiency, the next challenge became developing a means of providing homes throughout the nation with the electricity to power this new invention Wholesale NCAA Shirts , as well as the myriad other electrical appliances which followed afterward. In an astonishingly short period of time, electricity was an omnipresent in the average home as was running water; perhaps even more so.

Electricity spread rapidly until it was found in virtually every American home and shortly thereafter followed radio, then television and other inventions emblematic of the modern age came into being. But for many technophiles-and indeed it may be reported this way by future historians-all of that was simply a preamble to the device which promises to replace them all: the iPad, and more recently, the iPad 2. In the off chance that you’ve been living on the moon or under a log in a remote northern forest somewhere Wholesale NCAA Hoodies , the iPad 2 is Apple’s tablet PC, a wonder of state of the art touch-screen technology that defies classification, at least with regard to any currently existing class.

The Apple iPad 2 absolutely is a class unto itself, though there are these days, naturally Wholesale NCAA Jerseys , many other tablet-type devices that have been brought to the market in recent months. But for those who buy iPad 2, there is rarely, if ever, any buyer remorse or regrets. Apple’s tablet truly is the first, and preeminent Wholesale Wisconsin Hats , of all tablet PCs on the market.

Quite simply, the iPad is capable of taking on most functions of a regular laptop or desktop computer, though these are accessed through a touch-screen interface rather than through a mouse or keyboard. For those who must rely on the keyboard for data entry or writing, however, several keyboard options are available for the iPad Wholesale West Virginia Mountaineers Hats , the most viable of which is a keyboard that actually encloses the iPad’s screen, forming a rigid aluminum travel case.

Other devices the iPad replaces are the radio; numerous programs, or “aps” exist that allow the iPad to function as a radio, often playing songs or programs selected by the user, rather than whatever happens to be “on the air Wholesale Usc Trojans Hats ,” as is the case with traditional radio. The device can also serve as an mp3 player, a video player and more.

Should Edison ever witness the distance his original electrical device has taken us, even he might be amazed.

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Disaster And Emergency Preparedness Is Your Responsibility October 2, 2013 | Author: Eric Holm | Posted in Education

You should always have supplies for an emergency on hand. It is always preferable to be ready for every potential disaster that can occur. Keeping the items that you need accessible is a sure way to be prepared for any form of natural disaster including earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. There are some cases in which you may receive a warning Wholesale Ucla Bruins Hats , like a hurricane. On other occasions, however, the amount of time is too limited for you to make an emergency kit ready. Because of this, you should always take every opportunity to get prepared.

Your list of emergency supplies should include things to meet the body’s basic needs, such as water and food. There should be enough water to provide each person with one gallon per day to meet drinking and sanitation needs. Foods should be non-perishable items such as canned goods Wholesale Texas Longhorns Hats , dried fruit, dehydrated foods, high-energy foods such as peanut butter, jelly, crackers Wholesale South Carolina Gamecocks Hats , granola bars, trail mix, and cookies. The foods should be easy to prepare and should be foods that do not require a lot of water to prepare. Hard candies are a good idea because they help quench thirst and will help save drinking water. An important thing to keep in mind is being sure the food supplies are fresh – always check expiration dates and change the food in your kit as needed. Canned goods should be replaced once a year.

You will also want to have a comprehensive first-aid kit on hand as well. This should contain bandages and items to clean wounds such as antibiotic towelettes and cream, a solution for flushing out the eyes as well as a thermometer. If you are currently taken prescribed medications you should store a significant supply of these as well in additio. Kirk Cousins Jersey Authentic Josh Rosen Jersey Authentic Josh Allen Jersey J.J. Watt Womens Jersey James Conner Youth Jersey Derek Carr Youth Jersey Dak Prescott Youth Jersey Christian McCaffrey Youth Jersey Carson Wentz Youth Jersey Calvin Ridley Falcons Jersey

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