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Growing a garden requires some degree of knowledge in order to be successful Andreas Pereira Jersey UK , however it does not take rocket science. A combination of factors such as sunlight, water, fertilizer, and the time of year that you plant all factor in in regard to your success rate when gardening. As with most plants, each one has different requirements that need to be tended to or else your entire garden could fail. The following guidelines can help you get off to a good start as begin to plan your garden.

Water is one of the most essential and basic ingredients in any healthy garden. Make sure you know which plants in your garden need what amount of water. In summer months, the morning is the best time to give your plants their daily dose of water. You’ll need to make sure the water is soaking down to the roots that need it most rather than simply pooling on the surface. You may want to consider installing an automatic watering system if you want to automate the process of watering your garden. Fill your garden with native plants that are accustomed to your particular climate and regional waterfall in order to conserve water for your garden.

The most important factor when it comes to the success of your garden is the quality of the soil. A simple soil testing kit will help you learn valuable information about your soil like its pH level and any nutrients it contains. You can then choose plants that are a good match for your particular type of soil.

You can make your soil more nutritious by adding fertilizer, which can be as simple as compost or mulch. You can judge the suitability of your garden for certain plants by keeping an eye on the weeds on your property too. Just be aware that not all plants are created equal and some will need less nutritious soil than others.

An herb garden can be one of the most satisfying types, as you can quickly have all kinds of herbs and spices to cook with. Herbs are known to prefer a spot in the sun, but that rule doesn’t necessarily apply to all of them. Dill is a good herb to start with, along with rosemary and thyme. It’s possible to acquire seedlings in a tray from a plant store, but you can also grow your own from cuttings. They’ll need to be kept moist and a hand spray bottle works well for this.

For those that make their home in the colder regions, consider potting your herbs over the winter. Herb gardens are a great way to get started in gardening and you can appreciate the rewards in your food.

Any gardener will tell you that it’s about half and half study and physical labor. The variety of optimal conditions amongst different species of plants is staggering so learn all you can to most effectively meet their needs. As your gardening experience grows, so will your skill and confidence. You won’t have a degree in horticulture, but you’ll have definitely earned your green thumb.

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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- New research suggests fox squirrels organize their stashes of nuts by variety, quality and possibly even preference, by using "chunking," a cognitive strategy in which humans and other animals organize spatial, linguistic, numeric or other information into smaller more manageable collections.

Detailed in a paper published this week in the Royal Society Open Science journal, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, noted that fox squirrels stockpile at least 3,000 to 10,000 nuts a year and, under certain conditions, separate each cache into quasi "subfolders" similar to those in a computer storage system, one for each type of nut.

The study used combinations of locations and nut sequences on various groups of fox squirrels.

In one experiment, each of the squirrels were fed 16 nuts, one after another, under two separate conditions: Some were fed at the locale where they had cached the previous nut fed to them while others were fed at one central location, to which they would need to return if they wanted another nut.

Some squirrels were given 16 nuts in rows of four, say, almonds followed by pecans, followed by hazelnuts and then walnuts, while others received 16 nuts in random order.

Using hand-held Global Positioning System, or GPS, navigators, the researchers tracked the squirrels from their starting location to their caching location, then mapped the distribution of nut types and caching locations to detect patterns.

The research team found that the squirrels who foraged at a single location frequently organized their caches by nut species, returning to, say, the almond area, if that was the type of nut they were gathering, and keeping each category of nut that they buried separate.

Meanwhile, the squirrels foraging in multiple locations deliberately avoided caching in areas where they had already buried nuts, rather than organizing nuts by type.

cox squirrels in wooded locations on the UC Berkeley campus suggest that when lacking the cognitive anchor of a central food source, the reddish gray, bushy-tailed rodents utilize a different and perhaps simpler problem-solving approach to avoid the areas where they had previously cached.

Presumably, according to the authors, sophisticated caching techniques maximize the squirrels' ability to remember where they've stored their most prized treats while at the same time hiding them from potential pilferers.

"This is the first demonstration of chunking in a scatter-hoarding animal, and also suggests that squirrels use flexible strategies to store food depending on how they acquire food," study lead author Mikel Delgado, a post-doctoral researcher who conducted the study along with UC Berkeley psychology professor Lucia Jacobs, said in a news release.

Senior CPC official stresses cyber security ahead of key Party congress

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