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BERLIN Nuggets Wilson Chandler Jersey , March 9 (Xinhua) -- German banks warned against further easing of monetary policy in the euro zone on Wednesday, ahead of the European Central Bank's (ECB) speculated decision on Thursday to further cut interest rates and expand bonds purchasing.

Risks of deflation in the common currency area was overstated by the ECB, said the Association of German Banks, urging the central bank to hold a "steady hand" policy instead of further expansionary measures which "cause more harm than good."

"We do not see any danger of deflation and warn against unnecessary emergency calls," said the association's general manager Michael Kemmer in a statement.

Analysts expected the ECB to cut a benchmark interest rate by another 10 points to minus 0.4 percent, charging commercial banks more for storing money at the central bank instead of lending out. The ECB's assets purchasing scale, which currently stands at 60 billion euros (65.7 billion U.S. dollars) per month, was also expected to be expanded.

In January, ECB president Mario Draghi said there was "no limit" to the central bank's willingness to deploy instruments within its mandate to lift the inflation rate in the euro zone, which fell to minus 0.2 percent in February, up to a level "below, but close to" 2.0 percent.

Within the ECB's governing council, however, not everyone agrees on a policy of quantitative easing. German central bank Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann has publicly opposed the assets purchasing program and warned against overreacting to falling oil prices.

Meanwhile, the Association of German Banks warned on Wednesday that "further opening of floodgates" would lead to counter measures. "At the end, there will be a race of devaluation which has no winner," Kemmer said, adding that income of euro zone financial institutions was also under pressure due to low interest rates.

The association saw the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone as still "smoldering" and the area would grow moderately by 1.5 percent this year and in 2017. The refugee crisis and a possible Brexit also posed challenges to growth.

"Governments in Europe urgently need to find back the consensus that European problems can only be solved together," Kremmer said. "This means each member country should hold to its economic and political responsibilities."

Chris Dee is an award winning playwright and entertainment consultant who happens to like comic books. It might seem like good news for DC Comics that she is “not a Marvel” as she puts it. She is a fan of Batman and Catwoman, of Gotham City, of Superman, in short, she likes their products. For most companies, being able to entertain the people who entertain is a win. For most companies, having bright, informed and enthusiastic customers is a advantage, it brings the word of mouth advertising that money cannot buy and which in the age of social media is a more powerful force than ever before. Yet for DC Comics, it is a disaster. Because the comics giant has fallen into some very bad habits that would have put them out of business a thousand times over if they weren’t a tiny division of Time Warner, Inc. Comic writers have clung to outdated attitudes towards women, race, and sexual preference, and when they tried to appear modern, their efforts are awkward and embarrassing. Comics have taken to promoting writers to editorial and management positions for which they did not have the skill sets or maturity. Dennis O’neil is a particular telling case. Marketing Disasters: Destroying Yoc

Because Time Warner was paying the bills, they were able to get away with it for years. Batman might be big business in film and merchandising, but he’s not in print. As Dee put it “it’s mathematically impossible for DC Comics to make or lose enough to make a blip on Time Warner’s Income Statement.” They do damage the Batman brand, alienating customers and creating incalculable bad will. That doesn’t’ show up as a line item, so if DC’s mismanagement had never got to Catwoman, they might still be getting away with it. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for Time Warner and for comics fans, it did and provoked Chris Dee to analyze their behavior publicly in her wordpress comics blog.

1 A New Golden Age of DC Comics begins with an apology

“We had a collective epiphany in the late ’80s that this isn’t kid’s stuff. ?That there is not just a market but a?hunger for complex, realistic and adult stories about these characters we collectively love. ?We immediately took a wrong term in defining what “complex, realistic and adult” mean. ?We took a 25 year detour, but that potential still exists. ?Look at all the readers who might have given up on the comics but never gave up the characters or what they should be. ?Look at [Nolan’s The Dark Knight], that’s what happens when you understand, respect and keep the essence of what the characters are and use them in truly sophisticated, mature and complex storytelling. ?It takes 3 years and a hundred million dollars to do on that level. ?Comics have the ability to produce far more – not as much as they think, perhaps. ?There is only so much you can turn out and still keep it good. ?But through that medium, we can get more than one wholly satisfying Batman outing in 3 years.”

But they can’t realize any of it until they admit they did take a detour. Until they go back to that fork in the road rather than continuing on their present path. In the related Vancouver, Domino’s Pizza and You (know who you are), she notes how operation of similar size and prominence: The Vancouver Olympics and Dominos Pizza managed to score . Authentic MLB Jerseys Cheap Cheap Jerseys Online Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Custom NHL Jerseys From China Cheap NBA Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys China Cheap Replica Jerseys Cheap Custom NHL Jerseys Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys

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