My little sister is a fair and impartial

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My little sister is a fair and impartial judge. At that time, my mother often took me to Xiaoxiao��s house to play. I said to Xiaoxuan: "I want to be a judge when I grow up!" and Xiaoxiao just smiled. I was disappointed with his cold attitude, but never changed my dream of "want to be a judge." Once, Xiao Yan suddenly asked me: "Do you know what you need to be a judge?" I was stunned and couldn't answer Marlboro Red 100S. At this time, Xiao Yan asked me to go to the convenience store to buy a cigarette. I used to buy a box in the past, only one at this time. Moreover, I was given 100 yuan. ? _? What is going on here I ran to the convenience store downstairs Online Cigarettes. To meet me is the owner of the convenience store, Aunt Lin. I said, "Give me a pack of big Chinese cigarettes! This is 100 yuan!" Lin Aunt took the money and put it in the money detector.his 100 yuan is fake. Go home and get another one." "Fake? Auntie, you won't be wrong!" I whispered and ran home.all, the money you gave me is fake (! Give me a real money." Yan listened to this and was furious. He said, "You are nonsense! This money was just taken out of the bank! How could it be fake!" I ran back to the convenience store with great grievances. Said: "Aunt Lin, you must be wrong! I said, I am really real money!" Aunt Lin said: "This 100 yuan is really fake!" convinced of Xiao Yan��s words, and said to Lin Ayi: "You are not willing to sell things to me, I will not leave!" Then, as soon as he sat down on the ground, Aunt Lin looked at me, only I can shook my head helplessly.
ever, at this time, my little sister came over and took 100 yuan in my hand into his wallet. He smiled and took out another 100 yuan to pay the cigarette and took me home. . He said to me: "This 100 yuan is indeed a fake money. The money I just paid is true." I heard the words of Xiao Xiao, I realized that I was deceived by Xiao Xiao��s "scam". It is. My grievances of tears flowed down. Xiao Yan asked me again: "You know now, what do you have to be a fair judge?" I said: "You can't trust other people's words, you can only believe the truth!" Xiao Xiao smiled and touched my head and said : "This is right!"inally understood: I can't believe others easily, I can only believe the truth!evious essay: Happiness has a song they like, and of course, I am no exception. Among these countless songs, one of my favorite songs is "Invisible Wings." Whenever I listen to this song, I can't help but think of it...emember that I had an English test, I only scored 80 points, and there are actually a few people in our class. From that time on, I began to become unhappy. In class, I am not actively speaking. After class, I can't see the students playing with me Newport Cigarettes Website. I think the classmates are laughing at me... The teacher seems to see my mind. In a class, the teacher asked if we have heard the song "Invisible Wings". The students who have heard this song are loudly Singing Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, I was attracted by this beautiful and touching song. After I went home, I searched for this song and tried to learn to sing Marlboro Cigarettes.

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There are a lot of things in my life that care
s a child, my sister upstairs always play

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