matter of just doing what you are supposed to when the right moment comes and not hesitate.

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Recent research shows that specific chemicals in foods — such as sulforaphane Women's Preston Smith Jersey , a phytochemical in broccoli — work with your genes to ratchet up your body’s natural defense systems, helping to inactivate toxins and free radicals before they can do the damage that leads to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and even premature aging.

And the hope for the future is to be able to tell someone what diseases or maladies they are might be genetically predispositioned to early on, so their diets can be focused accordingly. We’ll know which ones to add, which ones to avoid, and be able to take a proactive role in preventing or deterring a genetic disease. In the meantime, many foods have been determined to pack a punch to the aging process.

Lycopene, the pigment that makes tomatoes red, also appears to reduce risk for cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and macular degeneration. It’s also been associated in greater self-sufficiency in elderly adults. While fresh tomatoes have a good hit of lycopene, the most absorbable forms are found in cooked tomato products, such as spaghetti sauce and soup and prepared salsas. Pink grapefruit, guava, red bell peppers, and watermelon are also rich in lycopene.

Eating at least two cups of orange fruits like sweet potatoes, squash and carrots boosts intake of beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A, essential for healthy skin and eyes, and which may also reduce the risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. Lutein and lycopene, also found in orange produce, also help reduce the risk of macular degeneration and may protect skin from sun damage and even reduce wrinkling as well. Mangos and cantaloupes are also beta-carotene endowed.

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With a ORAC value of 36.000! compare this with a tomato containing about 200-300 ORAC. (ORAC is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples in vitro.)

The wild Alaskan blueberry is one of the most potent sources of anti-oxidants on the planet. The harsh realities of the Alaskan wilderness with extreme temperatures, extended periods of sunlight and darkness have lent itself to the remarkable, yet little known berry.

Since the Alaskan tundra receives harsh weather, the blueberries has had to adapt by creating a thicker than normal outer layer in order to survive, hence the name “super blueberries”

These wild blueberries are found to have 10 times more antioxidants than regular blueberries because of the thicker outer layer.

Imagine eating a delicious succulent blueberry and at the same time fight off cancer!

Research has shown that those who ate blueberries were three times less likely to develop cancer than those who rarely ate any blueberries at all. The amazing thing about the blueberry is that it has more health benefits than just fighting off cancer.

And if you don’t do anything else to change your diet, eat your dark leafy greens. They have been showed to significantly reduce your risk for heart disease and may also save your eyesight. Dietary guidelines advise at least three cups of greens a week. Frozen or bagged is as good as fresh.

Don’t forget the mental aging process either. The heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids have also recently been shown to keep your brain sharp. A recent study found that a higher intake of fatty fish significantly reduced mental decline. If fresh fish isn’t an option, go for canned tuna, salmon, and sardines.

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A lot of Americans like to play football in their spare time, so football is regarded as a popular time- killer. Getting into the NFL and win consecutive Super Bowls became the dream of more and more players. This is why competition for football is quite fierce even in the high school. No matter how much gift you are endowed, if you want to become a good football player, you should have some essential qualities. There are a number of qualities that great athletes such as Bret Favre, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and Muhammad Ali all have. Here are the traits that help them become excellent sportsmen.

No matter in in any part of life or in any sport, perseverance is an essential quality you must have if you want to be successful. There will always be obstacles that you will have to face. You must overcome and go through these obstacles in your sport career. It doesn't matter how many times you have failed, what matters is your perseverance.

Today's society is full of endless temptations, so you should focus on the sport you love. Have a game the following day? Maybe you could skip that party and rest instead of waking up with a very bad hang over. You have training but at the same time you have your only chance to date the girl you have been crushing on for so long? Skip the date and train. Once you start improving your game and begin shining, so many potential partners are bound to show up (probably even a big upgrade from the one you cancelled on).

If you want to be a shining football player in 【authentic NFL jerseys http:www.2008jersey】with a vast number of fans, fearlessness is an important quality you should possess. So what if you dish out a bad pass? A lot of great quarter backs have had hundreds of mishaps. It's a matter of just doing what you are supposed to when the right moment comes and not hesitate.

Have Goals
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