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A mild burst of optimism regarding a Brock Osweiler rebirth has faded to the reality that Osweiler may not be the No. 2 quarterback in Miami Richard Sherman Jersey , after all. For now, it appears that journeyman David Fales has the edge.

Via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Fales looked like the best of three backup contenders during offseason practices open to the media. At least one player seems to agree.

“His deep ball has been remarkable this offseason, between him and [receiver] Jakeem [Grant] and [tight end Mike] Gesicki,鈥?tight end MarQueis Gray said of Fales, per Jackson. 鈥淭hey鈥檝e been hooking up a lot.鈥?/p>

Fales finished the 2017 season with the Dolphins, playing in the regular-season finale and completing 29 of 42 passes (69 percent) for 265 yards. He’s the only contender for the No. 2 job who was on the roster last year; Osweiler and Bryce Petty joined the Dolphins in the offseason.

Still, Fales has a long way to go to become the primary backup to Ryan Tannehill.

鈥淲e felt like [keeping Fales] was a good first step for us and really we wanted to see how everything played out Jerry Rice Jersey , because between free agency and the draft, you just never know how things are going to shake out,鈥?coach Adam Gase recently said, via Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post. 鈥淏y adding Brock and then Bryce, I think it鈥檚 been a good competition.

鈥淭hat鈥檚 really what we鈥檙e going to be doing going into training camp. We鈥檙e just going to let those guys compete and see who wins out.鈥?/p>

Gase made it clear that he won’t decide on a backup until August, or maybe September.

鈥淩ight now I don鈥檛 even want to go in that direction yet because I don鈥檛 have a great answer for it,鈥?Gase said. 鈥淚 want to see guys play in preseason games. I want to see kind of how training camp goes. That鈥檚 a lot of time there and there鈥檚 a lot of football to be played. I want those guys all competing. I鈥檓 hoping those guys all have the same mentality that they鈥檙e the guy to beat.鈥?/p>

Regardless of what happens, Gase still doesn’t plan to bring back Jay Cutler or otherwise add a veteran. It will be Tannehill and some combination of Fales Earl Thomas Jersey , Osweiler, and/or Petty come Week One.

The Bears and linebacker Roquan Smith remain at an impasse, and they shouldn’t be.

They shouldn’t be at an impasse because no team should use the power to void future guarantees as, essentially, a ticket to get out from under a contract they regret.

The concept arises from the notion that, if a player gets in the kind of trouble that makes the team want to get rid of him, the team shouldn’t owe him any more money. That’s a fair outcome. But it’s not fair to use something that wouldn’t trigger a termination as a “gotcha” moment that gives the team an open-ended license to dump the player later, if the team chooses to do so.

For Smith Fran Tarkenton Jersey , the notion that he’d lose all guarantees if he’s suspended for an on-field infraction at a time when the rules regarding helmer use are at best in flux has nothing to do with protecting the coffers against a scoundrel who can’t keep his life in order and everything to do with seizing on a technicality in order to potentially screw Smith if he ends up being a bust. That’s why it makes sense for Smith and his agents to hold firm. And that’s why the Bears need to find a graceful way out of this one, if that’s even possible at this point.

Regardless, Smith is doing the right thing in refusing to give in, like Jets quarterback Sam Darnold did regarding language that would wipe out guarantees in the event of a fine. Even if it means skipping the season and re-entering the draft in 2019, Smith shouldn’t bow to a term that is fundamentally unfair. Although some teams want to come off as tough, it’s far better to be smart. And the smart thing to do in this case would be to come up with something that looks like a compromise but that ultimately is a capitulation on a point over which the two sides never should have been fighting in the first place.

Moving forward, the NFL and NFL Players Association should agree that guarantees will void only in situations where a team promptly terminates a player in the aftermath of the incident that wipes out the guarantee. Any other approach gives team’s an unwarranted get-out-of-jail-free card, that can be freely used in the event of a new coach Oren Burks Jersey , new G.M., new owner, or simply a new direction.

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