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Laser destroys the hair deep down in the follicle by destroying its root. Thanks to that Authentic Jourdan Lewis Jersey , it weakens and falls out after a while, permanently. This type of a treatment can be done anywhere on the body, but the best candidates are women with lighter skin and dark hairs. The procedure should take place in some respectable and licensed laser hair removal center, by experienced professionals only. You will find several great centers in Queens Village, NY.

There are several types of lasers, but some of them are perfectly effective only on lighter skins and darker hairs. Gray hairs don’t contain pigment, and the pigment actually absorbs the light and lead it to the follicle. The same problem is with very light blond hairs as well. Black skin cannot be treated with some lasers, but can with Neodymium YAG. Ask about this type of equipment in your center.

Although electrolysis is considered to be more appropriate for lighter haired women, some modern lasers are more than capable to do the job. Different skin types and hair-thicknesses require different approach. Some women will solve their problems in only three sessions, while some others might need up to six treatments, depending on their special characteristics. It cannot be tell in front, but after the first session, the professional will be able to tell more.

Although this procedure is quite safe, the skin still has to be prepared for it, to avoid possible problems. Four to six weeks before the first one, as well as after it, you should avoid sunbathing, and all other sun tanning procedures. Waxing and similar methods can make your skin too sensitive, and should be also avoided. Make sure to follow all instructions to avoid possible side effects.

Just before the procedure, all hairs are going to be trimmed on a few millimeters above the skin surface. The outer skin layer will be protected with a special gel. Some salons also use skin cooling equipment to ease the discomfort. Depending on the area treated, the eyes should also be adequately protected, usually with special glasses, or even more effective protections.

Laser device has to be adjusted to your skin type, and that’s why it is so important to have a real professional for this job. He will test the equipment on some less sensitive skin area first, to make sure the device is adjusted as it should be. If you have very sensitive skin, this is even more important. Uneducated people could cause different skin damages, and the whole thing might results in scars and similar issues.

Any discomfort can be eased using cold water, ice packs or special, anti-inflammatory creams and lotions. You will get all the info about it from the technician performing the procedure. Your next treatment should take place four to six weeks after the first one. Depending on your skin and hair type, you might need three to five sessions for accomplishing desired results.

Today, different types of equipment are available. Neodymium YAG is especially designed for black skin, and alexandrite and diode lasers are also quite popular. Intense pulsed light sources give excellent results. Choose wisely, and find the best treatment for your particular skin type. Find yourself one respectable clinic with educated and experienced personnel, and solve your problems permanently.

You can visit www.miracleskinessentials for more helpful information about Your Favorite Laser Hair Removal Center.

Number of View :58 China's Premier Li Keqiang speaks during a news conference in Belgrade December 17, 2014. REUTERS

At least 40 heads of state and government are expected at next week's meeting of the rich and powerful at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, where Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang will give a keynote speech, the organisers said on Wednesday.

The World Economic Forum, the Geneva-based thinktank that organises the annual get-together, said 2,500 politicians, executives, central bankers, religious leaders and others would convene to consider "The new global context" - the theme of this year's meeting.

The Forum's executive chairman, Klaus Schwab, said the world was at a crossroads between "a world of disintegration, hate, fundamentalism, and on the other hand a world of solidarity, of cooperation".

He cited last week's Charlie Hebdo killings and subsequent protest march as examples, talking of "a year of destiny for humankind".

French President Fran?ois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi are all due to attend the meeting, which runs from Jan. 21-24.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, currently holding nuclear talks in Geneva, could meet again in Davos, where King Abdullah of Jordan, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi are also expected along with, for the first time, Syrian business leaders.

The central bank governors of Brazil, Mexico, Britain, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Italy and France will attend, as will International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde, and could potentially hobnob with author Paulo Coelho or pop star Pharrell Williams.

The famously exclusive gathering is funded by its paying corporate members - to be eligible, companies need a turnover of $5 billion, or to be the kind of technology pioneers that Schwab regards as holding the key to the future.

Among the chief executives attending are the heads of banks, energy companies and industrial firms, as well as business names such as Bill Gross, former head of the fund manager Pimco, and Google Inc's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt.

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