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Although hosta plants are mainly known for their love of shade there are many varieties that are sun tolerant. It used to be that these were mainly the hosta varieties with gold leaves but more hybrids are being developed every year that allow the beautiful hosta plant to tolerate more sunshine. In this article we will discuss some Hosta varieties that are known to be sun tolerant.

Hosta August Moon is an old time favorite sun tolerant hosta that grows well in almost any climate. The leaves start out as broad flat swords and turn into large corrugated golden slats by the end of the summer. The tiny flowers are a pale lavender color.

Another popular gold hosta is Gold Regal. This plant performs well in direct sunlight and is topped with a showy bouquet of lavender flowers during July.

Krossa Regal is a upright creamy blue hosta which can grow almost anywhere. This hosta forms a vaselike mound of foliage topped with very tall flower scapes during the summer. Krossa Regal is very popular due to its dependability and elegant appearance.

Hosta Regal Splendor is basically a Krossa Regal with a creamy golden margin! This sun tolerant sport of Krossa Regal displays the same growth habits but adds a twist of color. Both of these varieties are fast growers and sure to please.

Sun Power starts out with chartreuse colors which slowly evolve into a bright golden hue. Leaves are more pointed than those of August Moon. Holds its color well through out the season.

Hosta Francee is a classic green hosta with white margins. It is a fast increaser which boasts clumps full of eyes within a few years. Excellent all purpose hosta great for filling large areas or creating dramatic borders in your landscape. It is a clean looking hosta which has a very nice growth habit.

Rascal is a harder to find gold hosta. A very subtle chartreuse margin is hard to see at first glance but offers a unique variegation pattern. It is a sport of Hosta Gold Regal.

These hostas are some of the best choices for your sunny planting locations. If you are new to hostas make sure you take a look at Krossa Regal and Regal Splendor. You can find these two varieties almost anywhere you shop for hostas. Low maintenance and healthy plant vigor make these 2 beginner favorites!

Even some of the sun tolerant hostas have minimum watering requirements if you are experiencing warmer than normal summer conditions. As a quick rule of thumb Cheap Delanie Walker Jersey , just remember most gold hostas can tolerate more sun than other varieties.

Robots will play an important role in supporting astronauts living on Mars and exploring the red planet, a senior space scientist said.

Ouyang Ziyuan, a senior adviser to China's lunar program and its former chief scientist, told Xinhua News Agency in an article published on Thursday that robots will be essential in supporting human activity.

""The environment on the Martian surface has low atmospheric pressure and low temperatures Cheap DeMarco Murray Jersey , so astronauts will have problems if they have no robotic assistance,"" Ouyang said. ""Robots can help astronauts produce and transport construction materials, build facilities and operate bases.""

He said that in the long term human explorers can figure out ways to increase greenhouse gases in the Martian atmosphere to warm up the planet and to melt ice on the surface. Then they can farm and mine from permanent bases.

China plans to send a robotic probe to Mars around 2020. It will take nearly seven months to reach the red planet and land. It will conduct scientific research on the soil and atmosphere and search for signs of water, according to the China National Space Administration.

The probe will consist of three parts-an orbiter Cheap Marcus Mariota Jersey , lander and rover. The rover will have six wheels and four solar panels, and will carry 13 scientific instruments, weighing about 200 kilograms. It will work 92 days on the planet, according to Sun Zezhou Wholesale Tennessee Titans Hats , the probe's chief designer.

In addition, a larger probe will set off for Mars around 2030 to take samples and return to Earth, the administration said.

In another development, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wholesale Tennessee Titans Hoodies , a major player in the country's space programs, will build the nation's first Mars simulation base in Northwest China's Qinghai province.

The base will be in the red cliff region of Da Qaidam (also known as Dachaidan) district in the Mongolian-Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Haixi, the academy said.

Situated in the Qaidam basin in western Qinghai, Haixi was chosen for its Mars-like landforms and climate Wholesale Tennessee Titans Shirts , said Wang Jingzhai, the prefecture's deputy Party chief.

The government of Haixi and the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed an agreement in November to build the base. They have begun discussing its exact location.

" "

CHANGCHUN, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- Delegates from African countriesare hoping to attract more Chinese investment at the ongoing 11thChina-Northeast Asia Expo in Changchun, capital of northeasternJilin Province.

Representatives from Ethiopia Wholesale Tennessee Titans Jerseys , Kenya, Zambia and Mozambiquepresented a variety of collaborative projects at the expo, rangingfrom grain and dairy processing, light manufacturing Wholesale Titans Hats , to machineryand construction, in the hope of finding Chinese counterparts toinvest in their countries.

Ethiopia has set up a one-stop service system to simplify theapproval process for business licenses for overseas enterprises,said Sisay Tsegaye Zelek, from the Ethiopian InvestmentCommission.

""Eligible companies will get their business license approved ina day Wholesale Titans Hoodies ,"" Zelek said.

Over the past decade China has become an important investor inAfrica, with a total investment of more than 100 billion U.S.dollars, ranging from infrastructure, mining Wholesale Titans Shirts , telecommunications toagriculture and manufacturing.

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