I also knocked on the keyboard, carrying the long-

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I also knocked on the keyboard, carrying the long-broken mood, with a sigh of emotion, with a trace of salty taste in my eyes, it was no longer so sorrowful, the memories were not so obvious, and a little bit was calming down. The text records the desolation of feelings, the music expresses the loneliness of the mood, the good love that has been thought of has been stopped, the fascination of good thoughts has been disillusioned, the only thing left by love is loneliness and helplessness, love is too heavy, we can't afford it, love always It is difficult to control, and the attachment and touch will only make you and my heart more sad.ometimes I think about it, sometimes we only see the surface of things, but we don��t know the essence of things. Sometimes, guessing is only the surface of things, but we don��t understand the essence of things, but the two sides don��t communicate, then things The surface may be the truth.n fact, I am carrying a painful grievance, euphemistically looking for a quiet corner, sweating for the lost love, can not solve the frozen heart, the cold heart reveals the coolness Carton Of Marlboro Reds, warm In the summer, I can't warm the ice to the extreme heart. Trying to find an excuse for myself is no longer so sad, but it is always so sad. The more I want to be sad, the more I want to forget, but I can��t forget upon a time, I like to be lazy and think about the stranger I used to be most familiar with. It��s not your beauty that makes me intoxicated. Because of the exhaustion of love, love brings me the illusions I once had, and it��s gone, the passers-by in life. I left in a hurry and gradually liked to look at this cold love with cold eyes. Love is actually illusory. Love is a past. Love has escaped my blame Marlboro Cigarettes Price. The crack of my heart is already deep Newport Cigarettes Price. I just want to stop enteringve Carton Of Newports, only know the happiness and sadness it brings to you. After you have passed it, you will know the tragic and severe pain it brings to you. If you hate it, you will know that it is worth cherishing. If you let it go, you will know how sorry it is Cigarettes Cheaper. Love makes you Learn to think slowly and teach you to treat it in a free and easy way. Even if it is in the past, don't always imagine the goodness of the past. I want to thank you for giving you the most beautiful footage of your life. Remember the colors we love when we are, then wait for the time to consume and slowly fade the fade.

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