more quickly and spend more time there before heading back home.

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CANBERRA jordan 13s altitude , May 29 (Xinhua) -- Australian householders will soon be able to monitor their electricity usage and remotely switch appliances on and off via their mobile phone.

New technology developed in Newcastle, Australia by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization ( CSIRO) will allow smartphone enabled, real-time tracking of electricity use, saving money for residents.

The technology jordan 13 retro altitude , known as Eddy, is being commercialized by Australian company HabiDapt, and is being tested in the Western Australian city of Perth.

By using a smartphone, laptop or tablet jordan 13 altitude pre order , Eddy tracks electricity use, collects and analyses the data, and makes recommendations to help residents save money on future electricity bills.

It will also allow users to manipulate the power consumption of household appliances, by controlling air conditioners and water systems.

CSIRO lead researcher jordan 13 altitude for sale , Glen Platt said the simple design was made to make tracking electricity use simpler and cheaper.

"This unique tool is all about giving people more control over their energy and helping them to save money," he said in a statement on Friday.

"Using a simple online dashboard, people can see how their energy use is tracking and make adjustments to reduce costs.

"The tool really highlights how easy it is for people to make big savings on their energy bill without impacting on their lifestyle."

The technology also engages users by offering discounts for participating in "demand management" programs.

"With the option of taking part in demand management schemes, the system can also reward households for using less electricity during peak energy periods."

The system uses world-first technology jordan 13 altitude 2017 , and incorporates cloud- based software and mini meters that are similar to ones installed in every home's meter box.

The meters use a house's Wi-Fi connection to link the cloud to a small internet communication device in the house. Once connected, the appliances can be remotely controlled.

The technology is currently being trialed in Perth and the northern Australian town of Townsville, but HabiDept chief executive officer Stephen Kubicki said he hoped it would one day become an Australia-wide and eventually worldwide program.

"As well as giving households tools to understand and manage their energy, Eddy lets people participate in the energy market by reducing peak demand in ways that jordan 13 altitude green , until now, have only been available to large-scale commercial consumers," he said in a statement on Friday.

There are many kinds of backpacking backpacks that are available these days, and some that are gaining in popularity are the lightweight backpacks. These awesome packs weigh 3 pounds or less and are great for many types of backpacking trips. Many have a very reasonable volume capacity jordan 13 altitude , and some can easily carry up to 30 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about the lightweight being too light duty to handle your gear.

Most people who opt for the lightweight backpacks also spend the money to get lightweight versions of their favorite camping gear. If you can only take 20 pounds, and you want to be able to take all the gear you need for a few days, you will want all of the gear to be as light as possible. It is nice to know that manufacturers are hearing backpackers and catering to their needs for equipment that weighs less. By keeping your gear weight down Men's Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro City of Flight For Sale , you have more room for the food and fuel you will need. You can also get food that weighs less, if you go with dehydrated or other lightweight, high energy foods.

One of the biggest challenges when using lightweight backpacks is the extra time it can take to plan out your food and gear so that you can take everything you need and still be at the lighter weight that your pack will carry. If you don’t want to take this kind of time and don’t care about the weight of the traditional backpack, then you can go that route. One of the disadvantages to this type of backpack is the fact that it can be hard to take enough gear for an extended trip.

There are many frameless lightweight backpacks on the market today. Many people use a loosely rolled sleeping pad inside the bag to create a sort of frame. Others use the sleeping pad halfway through the foam and fold it accordion style in the pack against their back before loading everything in behind it. Either way Men's Nike Air Jordan 12 Retro University Blue For Sale , the sleeping pad forms a pseudo frame to help hold your gear. You can get some lightweight packs that have a light internal frame, and that can help with the loading and unloading issues. That type of pack may also include a few extra exterior pockets to make it easier to grab a water bottle or a snack along the way.

Technology has been an amazing thing when it comes to creating lighter and stronger materials to make things like backpacks out of. Even the heavier duty backpacks are getting lighter all of the time. One of the benefits to using the lightweight backpacks is the fact that you can go farther and faster carrying only 20 pounds that you can go when you are carrying 50 pounds. Depending on the type of adventure you are looking for, this can be very helpful. You can get to your destination more quickly and spend more time there before heading back home.

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